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My journey began in a deep crisis – when I was 20 years old. I had lost my way in life, could not even imagine to find it – and I desperately wanted to change myself. My only asset was: I did not give up – no matter how difficult and challenging my journey became.

I finally found my way in theatre. The world of art was an exile where I found the truth, intensity and beauty I so missed in life. I was lucky to work with some extraordinary teachers; they came from Los Angeles, New York and Moscou, Vienna, Berlin and Amsterdam. I learnt what vivid embodiment means, how to expand my emotional range, how to be present in dramatic situations. I experienced standing in a huge amplified field: the audience. I found out how creative processes work – and that creativity is the core of our lives.

As a director and drama teacher I discovered that I Iove to work with people and assist them in finding their way to flourish and expand and create their own lives.

Subsequently, I have shared and tested what I found in quite a down-to-earth environment: the business world. I have been training very different people: bank directors and dock workers, software engineers and nurses in quite a simple approach: treat people well and they will perform well - working times should have quality of life - do what you do with love.

Finding Heart Intelligence was like coming home. Christian helped me to bring into real life what until then I only could generate on stage: authenticity, aliveness and deep connection. I love this work because it is an elegant, simple, tender way to bring about radical change towards a truthful, joyful and fulfilling life.



Civil life: “Life is short, but broad” (Spanish proverb)

Born in1952 in Germany

Living in Holland since 1980

Divorced, remarried, 4 adult children

Living and working happily together with Alet (also HIQ Coach and Facilitator)

Speaking German, Dutch, English, Spanish and French

Education: Intellect is not Intelligence

Academic study Literature, History, Philosophy

Professional Education in Acting, Directing and as a  Drama Teacher

Coaching workshops with Robert Fritz, Byron Katie a.o. (how to get your mind out of the way)

Education in HIQ Coaching and Facilitating by Christian since 2012 (how to drop into your heart)

Work: Art Intelligence and Heart Intelligence

Actor, director, acting teacher: authentic expression and the power of contact

Business trainer, business coach: leadership, creativity, communication

Author: what art teaches us about life

HIQ Mastery Coach, Mastery Facilitator and supervisor: how to live fully, love openly and matter truly (to put it in B.Burchard’s words)



Individual coaching (live and online): - - by unexpected questions and responses you can find your own truth - - 

Courses in groups (live and online):  - - you can learn thoroughly how to navigate life and surf your emotional waves - - 

Heart Intelligence Days and Weekends (live in Holland, Germany and other European countries):  - - you can experience 'juicy' aliveness and deep connection in the Here and Now - - 

Coaching and events on love relationships for singles and couples 

I facilitate days and weekends together with my wonderful wife, Heart IQ facilitator Alet Holwerda: by inspiring and complementing each other, we can offer a broad range of energy and knowledge.

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My Website

Here you can find all Heart Intelligence activities my wife Alet and I offer in different European countries; we also share our thoughts about the beauty and the power of this work. Our website has an English, Dutch and German version

What Others Say

Thomas pays close, loving and deeply respectful, rapt attention. He is very present. In his presence I feel seen in a greater way than I can see myself and it makes me want to grow. I really like what he sees in me.

Sally Dearmans-Cummings

In Thomas' and Alet's circles emotional safety is priority. Their softness, elegance, and precision make every circle meeting a special experience: there is space for everything. For me a place to go again and again.

Margreet Busstra

Thomas is one of the best teachers I encountered on my personal growth journey and I would jump on his train without hesitation because I know the journey would be educative and exciting.

Borut Bric