About Me

I started searching for ways to experience more community interactions, connection to others and myself. 

Heart IQ has lead me to a place where I can be at peace and have more Joy with just being, what ever that may be.  Not making things wrong or trying to fix myself when I'm feeling judgement or emotional discomfort.

My  journey into a deeper knowing of myself, started many years ago.  I am delighted to be able to share my journey and unfolding with others through Heart IQ.

My Website

empowering people and businesses to create in life, from a whole new level of consciousness. Raising and expanding awreness, presence and what is truely possible.

What Others Say

Tess’ workshop was expertly and energetically guided. It lit me up with new ways to shift old patterns that had been holding me back. It was an inspirational treat and great fun. Dr Simon Zipperlen, Software Engineer

I just love Tess's facilitation, full of humour, honesty, no agendas, just simple and beautiful! I also really enjoyed the day's workshop, tapping into a place of innocence within myself, and had profound "Aha" moments throughout the day Thank You! Efrat Wolfs, Non-Violent Communication Facilitator