Human Awareness Retreat med Heart Intelligence

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What Others Say

Yesterday was a wonderful Heart IQ day with these two great role models, Carl and Anneli. Thanks for everything - you have so much energy and light that I feel warm all over my body and heart!

Pernilla Peterson, 25, Student

I've never felt so alive, harmonious and loving as I do now. I'd never thought it was possible to give and take in so much at the same time. Felt great fear at the beginning and wondered what I gotten myself into. Now I feel that this is the best thing I've ever done. All love to you and Heart IQ!

Anna, 36, Environmental Coordinator

To have experienced the energy in Anneli's and Carl's courses have been amazing. Although I have a lot of experience of personal development, I opened up to many new insights and feelings. My self-esteem has risen and I feel that life gives me incredible opportunities.

Jeanette, 49, Teacher

I recommend Heart IQ because it is a wonderful, fun and playful way in which we learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are. I recommend Heart IQ with and Anneli and Carl - the combination of well prepared events, their commitment and ability to make everyone feel secure and loved in the group, and because they contribute to such a strong growth of the participants.

Mariette, 46, Controller

The structure and the exercises are loving, fun, simple, elegant, interesting, and very effective to open up for others and for life – to become more of your authentic and pure self. Which I feel I have become! The talented and very loving leaders, Anneli and Carl, have strongly contributed with their knowledge and experience, and I can heartily recommend both them both and this method.

Claes, 45, Medium, and Healing Therapist