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What Others Say

Dear Hélène, When I first heard about a heart circle I must say I was somewhat skeptical, yet curious as to how it might unfold. The few sessions that I have participated in, however, have taught me that it is possible to connect with virtual strangers on a deeply emotional and spiritual level. It has really opened up my eyes (and heart!) to the positive and powerful experiences that can evolve from such meetings! I have no doubt that it has a lot to do with your own sensitivity, passion and beautiful heart Hélène! Thank you for facilitating this extraordinary group experience.

MC Peterborough, Ontario

“Hélène is a master facilitator. The Heart IQ Experience Day is like no other. I experienced deep connection with strangers within moments. This is truly a community of caring, non-judgmental people who desire to support and connect with each other.”

Sherri Pula Peterborough, Ontario

“This was a day lived in Kairos time. Our community would be infinitely more whole if this experience was felt by everyone of our neighbours and fellow citizens.”

Peter Pula Peterborough, Ontario

“In Heart Circles, fostering deep emotional connections to myself and others has been very satisfying and a surprising journey in self discovery. The simple act of listening to and communicating from the heart is profoundly powerful and vibrant. I feel very grateful to Helene for bringing Heart IQ circle time to our community with her passion for sharing and caring! Thank you Helene!”

MC Peterborough, Ontario

“Hélène provides a sensitive, safe and respectful experience in her Heart IQ Experience Day that is perfect for exploring this practice. For me, it was a significant step toward self-discovery and it increased my awareness of the importance of being connected to other people. I would highly recommend this Day to anyone working in a people-oriented field or seeking to create community connections.”

K Z Peterborough, Ontario