About Me

I've been interested in Heart IQ and Christian's work for about 3 years. I attended the webinars of two Heart IQ summits and finally signed up for the Heart IQ Mastery course last year (2014) and attended a Retreat in the Netherlands last September.

I have just completed the Leadership Mastery Course (March 2015) and am about to set up a coaching practice using the powerful skills that I acquired during the course and the LIve Intensive a few weeks ago.

Christian's work, the whole practice and underlying philosophy of Heart intelligence has become a fundamental part of my life and how I relate to those around me. I feel that this is work offers huge hope for our ability to connect with other people and to assist in the conscious evolution of the planet. I feel that it is only  through our deeper connection to ourselves and others that we can each individually and collectively evolve as a species in these turbulent times in which we live.

Previously in my life, I have been and am a Transformational Healing Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner. I also have an MSc in Occupational Psychology.

My intention now, however, is to focus on my coaching skills although I feel that my rich life experiences bring a depth to my coaching that only living a full life can bring.