About Me

Growth, depth, fun and connection with other people have always been driving energies in my life. A few years ago I came into contact with this marvellous community Christian is building. And I never left. Because I learned in a really joyful and very quick way how to accelerate in becoming more and more at ease with myself and the world around me.

Being a certified coach is the next step in bringing this more into the world. Or perhaps more into my own life :). Because beware, it's contagious! Being with the amazing people who are attracted to this way of life (you!) is an ever expanding field of joy. 

My passion is to integrate Heart IQ into my personal life, my children being the main reason to do this. And into my working life, being daily involved in innovation in education. I believe strongly that we ánd our children need this eduaction of the heart. 

Whenever near or just curious: feel free to contact me. If you want to experience yourself what it is that has brought me so much growth and joy? Email me and I'll give you a look into my treasure chest full with HEART BUBBLES©!


En dat kan natuurlijk ook heel goed in het Nederlands

Of ast dat nog leaver hast: Frysk is ek gjin enkel probleem. :)



Certified Art of Feminine Presence™ Teacher

Provocatief Coaching