About Me

For many years I have enjoyed working and guiding people through private consultation, there has been nothing more gratifying for me than to offer a safe environment and witness my clients bloom right before my eyes as they progress through their personal development.  From a very young age there was something about me that people would just share their personal stories with me and know they would stay safe in my keeping.  So you could say right from the beginning coaching and development has been a part of my life.

In 2007 I opened my own coaching practice starting out as a NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist working with individuals, after a while I desired to make a bigger impact and knew the way through was to work with groups. This lead me to Christian's work and as the Heart IQ Academy formed in 2011, I immediately joined the coaching program and fell in love with Heart Intelligence!

Heart Intelligence has touched me deeply, so much so that it has become my way of living, it has opened up even more clarity, deep self acceptance and realness in my life. 


My Heart IQ Experiences & Training

  • Heart IQ Small Group Coach - December 2012
  • Heart IQ Facilitator - Colorado USA, 2013
  • 7-Day Deep Dive Retreat - Colorado USA, 2013
  • Small Group Leadership Intensive – Colorado USA, July 2013
  • Heart IQ Mastery Live – Colorado USA, 2014
  • 3.5 Day Retreat – Colorado USA, 2014
  • Facilitator Training Retreat  – Colorado USA, 2014
Love Relationships & You Event and Coach Training – Colorado USA, 2014
  • Leadership Mastery Program - Shadow Supervisor 2014-2015
  • Graduate Mastery Program - Group Leader 2015
Love Relationships & You Event and Coach Training – Supervisor, USA 2015
  • Relationship Mastery Program - Shadow Supervisor 2015

What Others Say

Anna is compassionate and intuitive coach. She is great at asking the right questions at the right time to keep me moving on my journey of self-discovery. Her presence, energy and wisdom have been extremely valuable in helping me tap into my own inner guidance. Coaching sessions with Anna have given me greater clarity around my vision of what I want in life and how to move in that direction.

Jacquie Bolton