About Me

I have spent years and years in personal developement trying my best to heal my past that was still effecting my present day experience and some of these things worked a little, some worked only temporary i studied many spiritual practices and trained in NLP and  so i spent alot of time money and daily effort only to still feel stuck in areas of my life that were still causing me pain which eventually had impacted my health.  iI was still saerching knowing that there must be something that could really help heal me long term.  Then in late 2013 i came across a video by Christian Pankhurst talikng about Heart Intelligence and the up and coming Heart Summit as i watched this guy i just felt an incredible pull i'd never come across such an authentic person in the personal deveopment field next thing i was grabbing my credit card and booking flights to Amsrerdam to get to this Dec 2013 Heart Summit. 

Its the best thing i have ever done for myself Heart Intelligence has truly saved my life. I came from a loveless hostile and abusive upbringing which contributed to me attracting some very unhealthy relationships eventually harming my health. My first experience at the heart summit was so incredible this is where i truly embodied "home is not a place its a feeling" this experince gave me so much hope I knew right then i wanted know, learn and share this with others. I never felt so loved in my entire life and this was with 300 hundred poeple id never met before it was just amazing the Joy i felt having only just touched upon heart IQ. 

I now have real authentic relationships, a deep connection to myself and others, i have healed hidden parts of myself parts that i've labelled unacceptable to even show others and now love and embrace pulling back the peices of me, feeling more vibrant cionfident and finding gifts i never knew i had and i am still discovering more and more and receiving more and more healing, my health has improved tenfold and i started Kick Boxing training at 50 years of age. I am so incredably grateful to have found Christain Pankhurst and Heart IQ and now i want to share it with you! 

If someone would have told me I'd be facilitating groups of my own a few years back i would have laughed out loud but now i am ,I run a fortnightly group guiding others in this practice and having the pleasure of witnessing the transformation in others. Wow i feel so blessed and i am truly passionate about this work. i hold a very safe ,accepting, loving and non-judgemental space that allows others to reconnect with deeper hidden parts of themselves, you will leave feeling alive, radiant and the feeling of what else is possible here?