About Me

I have been following Christians work since 2011 - I am passionate about this work and I share in Christians vision to build Heart centred communities.

A little bit about me....  I am a wife, a mother of 2 and also a grandmother to 1

I spent roughly 20 years of my career in a corporate environment... It was great, I had fun and I loved the challenges that my job provided me.   But as time passed by I was aware that my life no longer felt like it had meaning to it.   I was living an existence that was running on auto pilot….The passion and excitement that I once felt in my work was gone. 

My life lacked direction and satisfaction. I sought out many alternatives mostly with mixed results. One day I listened to a particular presentation of Christian's where everything he said made sense to me and provided the answers that I had so desperately been seeking. 

"Heart Intelligence" is truly the most loving supportive personal growth programme that I have experienced! It is based on groups coming together in circle, to not judge anyone but to listen and take in what they are feeling. Then together as a loving group we support each each other through building resonance, creating safety and trust.

As Christian Says "The reason we sit in circle is to empower the individual - It is not enough now to do the work by ourselves - One to one is so inefficient and it cannot deliver in the same capacity as we can in an amplified field - The circle becomes like an antenna or like an amplifying dish so that when we are in it people can feel this frequency so much quicker than they can by themselves.   The work that we can do in group offers us the opportunity to expand in so many multiple ranges that you cannot access by yourself."

Join me in my circles where you will belong to family...  You will experience a loving safe space where you can learn and practice the skills to Opening your Heart to come into more Joy!

I believe this is what everyone is searching for... Underneath everything we that we do, when you look closely at it all, our ultimate goal  is to experience  True Joy


6 Week Course - Contact me for a complimentary 1:1 Clarity Session

  • Take part in a 6 week home study course accompanied by demonstration videos, plus trainings and case studies done by Christian Pankhurst
  • Following each weeks training join me live in Circle to practice the demo trainings.  There will be 6x90min sessions done in small intimate groups (6-8 People)
  • On completion of the 6 weeks course you are invited to continue a monthly online practice for 12 months... Conferencing via “Zoom Meeting”   We will re-connect, take space in circle and continue to bring this practice into your daily life
  • Be part of a New Community Forever
    • FB Group - Here we connect and express what’s moving in our lives, we share our excitements, our challenges, and our fears in a supportive loving environment where you are seen, heard, felt.

What Others Say

I recently attended Lucy's Heart Circle program. I was intrigued by the sound of it, and went along without any expectations. I have found though, that there has been a transformation which has provided a turning point for moving out of stasis. I have a stronger sense of self-belief and feel able to move forward with greater awareness of my inner strength. Lucy's strength and conviction in her work is carried out with a calm consideration for everyone. Her vibrant energy holds a safe and loving space in which to explore great depths. I'd recommend this programme for anyone who desires a fast track in personal transformation.

Fiona Watson - December, 2014

Thank you Lucy for your calm guidance and generosity of spirit that I experienced in your Heart Circle. I started with the lack of confidence, self belief and self esteem in myself. I found the process fast tracked me to a turning point and I can move forward again with greater awareness and inner strength. I've retained a sense of trust in myself and feel more resilient. I have no hesitation to recommend the course and the respectful space and structure you provided

Sukh Raj Deepak - October 2014

I attended a 4 week program with Lucy and met some wonderful people. I saw and experienced the value of group energy in a circle in which Lucy held the space. The circle felt safe to share personal problems and to receive powerful medicine. Group energy felt powerful and allows truth to arise and for group members to be real. I would recommend the program for those wishing to go deep and discover themselves.

Inez Abbott - April 2015

I attended the Heart Circle 4 weeks program. I was looking for another tool to add to my life to help and support me to be more present in my life. I experienced connectedness through the energy of the group and really appreciated Lucy's presence and ability to hold space for the group. This instils the power of group energy and the importance of at least one person holding space. Magic happens when these come together

Nel Reddy - April 2015