About Me

Hi, I am Karen and I'd like to introduce myself to you.

As so many people I survived my childhood and adolescence and adjusted who I was to what was expected. During my twenties I was very busy conquering my place in the world and getting stuff. Every now and then I got a realization that there had to be more and I might change my way of living. But I pushed it aside for 'later'. 'Later' came when my daughter was born. The moment she was born I realized everything had to change, I had to change. That was the start of a journey that is still ongoing. Curious as I am and eager to learn I dived into everything that brought me joy or aroused my passion. From natural mothering and breastfeeding to health food, to energetic therapy, to alternative education, to non-violent communication and so on. I'm still amazed to see and experience how life can unfold itself and how seemingly incompatible interests come together or appear to be steps to one another. And on every part of my journey were people to inspire me, guide me or support me.

Since 2008 I run my own business. I guide parents and children in struggles they might have and finding their way in life. I also work at a democratic school as a guide/teacher. Very inspiring and very challenging. Children need to be safe in order to be able to learn. So I learned a lot about what they need to feel safe. Children mirror a lot and ask for authenticity. So over the years I learned at least as much as they did and maybe more. About me, about them, about relationships and groups of people. And I became more and more me and my life got richer and richer. But there were always times that I got lost in the way of our world as it is right now. The world of having to do so much that I get lost there and loose my fire, my connection and get numb. I had gathered all kinds of dots (insights, qualities, knowledge, knowing, experience, etc), but I couldn't connect them well enough to make it a sustainable way of living my life as I longed for.

It was then that I learned of Christian Pankhurst and Heart IQ. This work has helped me tremendously in connecting the dots and take everything I've learned and gathered to new level. It is great to find a community where my longing for more depth in my life is supported. Maybe the best part of this is that I've learned to enjoy myself more and am learning to grow and develop without making myself wrong about who I am, what I do or how I do it. Something I love for me and also love to pass on to others in my work as a coach.


My activities in Heart IQ:

2014 Love, Relationships and You training (personal and professional)

2014/2015 Leadership Mastery Program

2015 Relationship Mastery Program

2016 Practioner Level 1 and Level 2 programs (started januari)

2016 Advanced Relationship training


What I offer

I would love to support you on your journey. I am available for coaching one-on-one, relationship coaching with you and your partner and for coaching groups.  Feel free to contact me for a chat to see/feel/experience if I'm a good match for the job and all the questions you have.

I facilitate online circles in Dutch.  You can participate from your home. All that is required is a computer, a webcam and microphone. Please contact me if you want more information.