About Me

     I learned about HIQ from a friend and attended the Heart Summit in Miami.  My husband and I did the Accelerated Awakening.  

I thought it might help our relationship -- it became more like Accelerated Death and Rebirth, which I'm seeing can be a good thing.  

After our marriage dissolved in 2012,  I was hungry for healing, answers, and a new life.  I've found healing, love, and unconditional

acceptance of me, from me and from my new community.  I am also finding my joy again -- not in every moment -- but in increasing

numbers of moments.  I have been a singer for 35 years, singing songs that open hearts and lift us to our joy!  M joy is so present as

a newly minted HIQ Circle Facilitator-- that I "get to" share this work with others and watch their lives blossom!  Yay!


     I have studied Jungian and Archetypal psychology, EFT, NVC, BePeace (HeartMath and NVC), Integrative Nutrition, yoga, meditation, 

Unity and New Thought Spirituality.  The world of the Divine Feminine is a huge presence in me, in my life and in my work with 

Mary Magdalene.  The balance of masculine and feminine, personal and universal, human and divine, meeting and integrating in the

heart is alive and well as the 4 Directions of Joy in Heart IQ.

     Nothing has come close to the power and transformation that practicing Heart Intelligence has brought to my life.  The depth

and the range expansion is beyond anything I've been to or through before now.  I am integrating wounds in my past that I only recently

became aware of, and all that has been spawned and replicated by them.  I really get it why group work is the way of the future and how

awakening together is the new pathway.  To say I am grateful doesn't seem like enough.  Yet I will say it.

I am truly grateful to Christian and the team for all they devotedly continue to do to show us, teach us and give us this work to give

to you.   

What Others Say

For me Kalia’s warm, open, and well organized workshop allowed me to express deep feelings about the recent loss of my daughter from cancer. The group support provided a healing forum...a place to release, integrate and discover new levels of clarity, acceptance and wholeness. To participate with my partner Robert deepened my relationship with compassionate understanding. I look forward to attending future workshops. Thank you for the opportunity!! Nancy Morrow

New levels of clarity, acceptance and wholeness.

I was taken away from my comfort zone ! It takes a lot of skiill to get people out of their comfort zone. Kalia as facilitator was able to do this. The whole experience was profound for me because my partner was there. I would encourage other men to join their partners and experience Kalia's workshop. Robert

Beyond my comfort zone, profound!

The Healing Experience I had at the Heart IQ workshop was the most wonderful healing work I have ever done! I have had all kinds of therapies, workshops, group work, but never had a break-through concerning my PTSD. Ro Schiller

Break-through beyond PTSD!