About Me

Hi, my name is Jenina and I love supporting women who 
know the value of investing in themselves and are ready 
to step into their next level of transformation. 

I see so many women staying strong and dependable
through life's challenges, yet not living life to the fullest,
only going through the motions & settling for
'this is just the way life is'.

So I created a sacred space for women to come together, 
to celebrate and honor their journey so far, find their
authentic voice, personal power and accelerate
their spiritual awakening.


"It's one thing to know you are a loving person
and its another thing to express it & experience it!"
{Neale Donald Walsch}


This is for you if:

  •  You are a coach, healer an empath or a highly sensitive woman. 
  •  You have experienced heartache in your past & are still guarding your heart.
  •  You feel alone even when surrounded by family or friends?
  •  You  talk to each other without really communicating.
  •  There's conflict or challenge in your life, at home with your kids, partner 
     or family members.
  •  You have chronic health issues and its become a normal part of life.
  •  You have money blocks that keep you from investing in you.

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you're commited to investing in your growth, getting the right support, devoting your time and holding the vision that change for the better is possible, then I would love to be your personal guide and show you the way!

After a decade of research, seminars, trainings and immersion in the latest cutting edge modalities  for personal & spiritual growth...it is my joy to share with you my best practices that I have kept hidden till now. They have transformed who I am today and will do the same for you.


Four Main Options For Working Together:

We can work together for a session, a day, a month or a year.
We can meet online, in-person or on vacation.
No matter how we work together, there will be joy, beauty and
transformation that will change your life forever.

 => 1 { The Missing Piece } : Discovery Session (1-on-1)

This is where your journey of new possibilities begins. Together, we'll discover 
missing piece that has kept you stuck, from how you want to feel and who you 
want to be in life. This is the 1st step to having the life of your dreams. Are you ready?

 => 2 { Everything is Possible } : Done-for-you 10 Week Healing Program

This program is for you if: You are looking for the ultimate 'done-for-you'
solution for your health challenge, money blocks or challenging relationship issues. You have tried everything else but you still feel stuck & need help. You wish someone could wave a magic wand and make things better? You are ready for a simple, painless & yet effective solution with proven results.

 => 3 { Return to Aloha } : A Spa Day for your Heart  (In-person circle)

At this experiential workshop, you will leave with practical tools to help you listen, 
follow and open your heart while being better able to communicate in a heartfelt 
way with others. You'll walk away with an empowered experience of yourself, 
emotionally connected to what you need in order to manifest the future of your 
dreams. You'll be introduced to what it feels like to be in a Heart Intelligent 
community where you can be seen, heard and accepted for all of who you are.  

=> 4 { Heaven on Earth } : Circles for Modern Women (Online & In-person)

Meet me in circle. This is where we'll journey from your head to your heart. Practice vital tools & skills that will forever change your relationship with yourself, your family
& loved ones. 2hr x weekly circles, sold in packages of 4, with the option to continue. 


 => The Solution I provide

  • Find emotional freedom from your childhood trauma.
  • Let go of underlying fears so you can feel safe in your body & mind.
  • Become more confident & self aware.
  • Improve relationships with family, friends, clients & co-workers.
  • Feel fully alive in your body & enjoy vibrant health.
  • Connect to your lifes purpose and find your unique soul gifts.
  • Raise your vibration on a cellular level.
  • Allow more pleasure & joy into your everyday life.

Will you say YES to YOU?

If its a YES, send me an email and we can schedule a time to talk about how I may support you in getting what it is you want. All questions are welcomed. Or, go ahead and register now for one of my circle events below. I'd love to meet you in circle!

With aloha & joy, 

Jenina :)


My Qualifications

  • Heart IQ™ Mastery Circle Coach
  • Heart IQ™ Mastery Circle Facilitator Level 1
  • Certified Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner
  • Certified Art of Feminine Presence Teacher
  • Accredited  Journey Practitioner
  • BA Graphic Design (former profession)
  • Mother, Daughter, Sister, Wife

For more information please email Jenina at alohagyrl@icloud.com.

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My Website

I help energetically sensitive women connect to more beauty, inspiration and possibility in their personal and professional lives by offering comprehensive healing solutions for body+mind+spirit challenges. Creating beautiful lives from the inside out!

What Others Say

Before working with Jenina I was anxious and agitated by all the things on my 'to do list'. I felt like I had no control over my life and I was running myself ragged with work and kids. Within 6 weeks I feel more in control of my life. Now, I'm better at listening to my own heart. I have access to more clarity on what it is I want and am less at the affect of everyone else's agendas. I highly recommend working with Jenina

Pam B

Working with Jenina is transformational! Being in a circle like this was new and bit of a stretch for me but I am so grateful for the aha's and awarenesses that I experienced! Jenina, I can’t thank you enough for the space and energy you have created for me to grow. I’m still glowing from the ripple effects of that day. It was profoundly amazing. I’m so glad I said, yes!

Amy S

When I joined Jenina’s circles I was not prepared for the monumental changes I was to experience in my life. If you want to see changes in your life and attitudes fast, and if you are ready to let go of what’s been holding you back from achieving success, happiness and vibrant health, you owe it to yourself to try one of Jenina’s circles!

Niki W

Finding Jenina's circles has been an amazing gift! Jenina is extremely talented at seeing beyond our surface dramas with much charm until getting to the foundation of the issue. I was wishing for more connection with others. Now, I feel a meaningful connection not only to the women in Jenina's circles, but to many many more! And yes! I feel more joy in my life!

Diana W

I had no idea what to expect from circle. Jenina's joy and lightness allowed me to feel safe & to bring whatever I was feeling to the table. This is a powerful tool to self awareness and empowerment that every woman will benefit from.

Tara S