The Heart Summit

A 4-day global gathering of the Heart IQ Community held once a year to celebrate, connect and grow. Facilitated by Heart IQ™ Founder, Christian Pankhurst.

Coming 2017

Everyone, whether new to the work of Heart IQ™ or a veteran, is welcome to this grand event! Held in a stunning circular auditorium that holds up to 350 people, you’ll experience the biggest and most powerful amplified Heart IQ™ field in the world! This is a chance to feel part of an international and global family where being ‘one’ with everyone will no longer be a concept but an embodied reality.

The Heart Summit is not just about you and your own personal awakening. It’s bigger than that. This event is about inspiring you to courageously step out into your life and contribute your own unique gifts in order to join us in co-creating a better world - a world filled with Heart Intelligence.

The Heart IQ™ Network organization is built on SEVEN unique areas of contribution, each with a specific purpose and focus on how Heart IQ™ can reshape our society and the world at large. During the course of this 4-day inspiring conference, you’ll be presented with a wide range of cutting-edge opportunities that will give you a chance to contribute your gifts and add value based on what resonates with YOUR Heart.

The 7 specific areas that will be showcased are:

  1. New Heart IQ™ Personal & Collective Awakening Practices
  2. How Heart IQ™ can heal and empower Relationships, Parents and Family
  3. Building the Heart IQ™ School for our future leaders
  4. Training on how to become a Heart IQ Practitioner or Instructor
  5. Building Community & The Eco-Village Project
  6. How to build a Heart Intelligent business
  7. The work of the Heart IQ™ Foundation - getting involved in non-profit work to help third-world countries benefit from Heart IQ™.

You’ll leave this Healing Heart Extravaganza having made new friends for life while learning new communication tools, expanding into new ranges of self-expression, and deepening your relationships. However, the biggest take-away from attending this experience is that you’ll be connected with hundreds of inspired heart-led leaders who will now be part of your larger collaborating network in changing the world around you. This is a place to share your vision and passion, and be received into a community that will support you in manifesting your dreams.

The Heart Summit is an on-going reunion that continues to grow in number as our Heart Family expands and flourishes. This is an invitation to join the celebration!

Upcoming Calendar

Hemrik, Friesland, Netherlands