Insights to Intimacy LIVE

8 February 2018 - 3:00pm to 11 February 2018 - 3:00pm

A 4-Day Experiential Event that brings the clarity and power of Heart Intelligence into your Intimate Relationships.

Most relationships begin with a lot of potential, but the real challenge is how do you continue to deepen your connection with one another amidst the tests of daily life? This 4-day Intimacy Training is an invitation to explore the unknown regions of your potential alongside other couples and singles who are facing the same dilemma.

The four days are filled with interactive exercises and group discussions as you practice new skills for building intimacy and resolving conflict. You’ll learn to transform your relationship with heart-centered communication and embodiment practices that will create a huge impact on your emotional, energetic and physical intimacy.

Led by Christian Pankhurst and Stephanie Fabela, you’ll be shown how to recognize the seven key ingredients for creating a juicy, lasting relationship that will give you a brand new foundation upon which to build or rebuild your passion, excitement and longing for one another. You’ll get to see where you’ve learned to settle for less and receive the guidance you need to reset your expectations to match the unrestricted intimacy you’ve always wanted to have with your partner!

In this event, the group environment is enormously supportive in creating a greater sense of safety for you to explore your relationship.  You’ll be witnessed in a loving community of others who can understand your trials and are there to support you in confronting your intimacy challenges with new insight. With each day, you’ll learn to trust each other in deeper ways as your defenses come down, conflicts soften and often resolve, and your hearts open again to one another.

NOTE: This event focuses on couples, as well as those who are in a relationship but attending without their partner, but singles who are exploring their readiness to claim more of what they want in their next relationship are welcome too!

Registration Fee: €597 per couple, €499 per single ticket (excludes meals & accommodation)

What Others Say

WOW…….what else can be said about such a life changing event that you put on over the period of the Heart Summit and then the certification days that we just recently had in Amsterdam.

Hilary Reading

Yesterday was one of the most favorite days of my life.

Michael Casteel

What an amazing GIFT you have given me!! NO $ can buy me this GIFT!!!!!!!

Mun Chan