The Heart Summit

7 December 2017 - 3:00pm to 10 December 2017 - 3:00pm

Upgrade Your Consciousness:

We live in turbulent times where now more than ever, we need to do our own inner work to shine light on our shadows and claim our divine gifts. 

But the Heart Summit goes beyond our own personal healing. Over the 4 days, you'll experience the power of being part of a collective healing 'wave' that not only impacts your own life (and your generational line) but also the wider world as well.
It's critical that we gather together to raise our consciousness in a joyful, embodied way that serves ourselves as well as the larger world in which we live. 
As you experience what 'normal' really feels like, your consciousness will upgrade to what we call 'Humanity 3.0' and your life will be utterly transformed by this new operating system.

Remember & Experience 'Home'

Have you ever felt it?
A deep inner knowing beyond this time where you feel a sense of belonging and home that feels absolutely normal to you, and yet when you look out at the world in which you live, you wonder why it has to be that way, when you remember something different?
The Heart Summit is a place to experience coming home in physical, embodied form. To literally bring heaven on earth and to usher in a new way to live and experience life. 
Most of us heard the call when we were young, only to get into the rat race and forget another world exists. If you still feel the call of home in your Heart, then now's the time to answer it and join your fellow Heart Warriors at the Heart Summit.

Connect With Your Heart iQ Tribe:

The Heart Summit is the place to unleash the tethers of normal life and celebrate with your Heart iQ tribe as the full free human being that you are.
It's about community, connection and celebration while awakening your deepest truth about your life and the contribution you want to make.
It's about healing together, dancing, moving, opening, breathing, and loving as one. 
Life is meant to be joyful. It's the ultimate purpose of life. So what are you waiting for? Come join your Heart iQ tribe at an upcoming Heart Summit and release the shackles and burdens of living in a field of unconsciousness. 
Let us show you how deep this rabbit hole goes…

Registration Fee: €200

What Others Say

WOW…….what else can be said about such a life changing event that you put on over the period of the Heart Summit and then the certification days that we just recently had in Amsterdam.

Hilary Reading

Yesterday was one of the most favorite days of my life.

Michael Casteel

What an amazing GIFT you have given me!! NO $ can buy me this GIFT!!!!!!!

Mun Chan