Heart IQ Events

Heart iQ Mastery - Level 1

Over seven days, you get to experience what it feels like to BE in a Humanity 3.0 Community.

During this time, you will learn the upgraded operating system that I call "Heart IQ" to support you, not only in your own healing but also to develop the communication skills and circling tools to continue your practice when you come home. 

You’ll experience a new definition of ‘normal’, completing parts of your past, awakening to your embodied divinity and expanding your energetic emotional range.

The Heart iQ Summit

Our Philosophy:

Buried deep beneath layers of fear, defence and conditioning, lies your dormant life force or 'juice' waiting to be unleashed for love and the giving of your deepest gifts.

Accelerated Awakening Retreat, Hot Seat Model

A 4-Day Heart IQ™ residential retreat delivered by Christian Pankhurst, Founder of Heart IQ™, and select, highly trained facilitators. As a participant at this retreat, you’ll be invited to walk through a doorway into a different world than the one you’re used to. Over the course of four days, you will experience what may feel like a lifetime of growth, maturity and range-stretching experiences that will forever shape who you will become.

Accelerated Awakening Ultima

A 7-Day advanced Heart IQ™ Circle Retreat for only the most experienced practitioners and participants. Facilitated by Heart IQ creator, Christian Pankhurst and senior trainer, Stephanie Fabela, this life-changing event offers you the opportunity to take the ultimate step in your personal journey.

For our esteemed practitioners, it’s a time for you to take off your professional hats and enjoy a space to expand, connect and deepen your own Heart IQ™ with your peers. This is currently the highest level of Heart IQ retreat delivered personally by Christian Pankhurst.

Relationship Events

Insights to Intimacy LIVE

A 5-Day Experiential Event that brings the clarity and power of Heart Intelligence into your Intimate Relationships.

Most relationships begin with a lot of potential, but the real challenge is how do you continue to deepen your connection with one another amidst the tests of daily life? This 5-day Intimacy Training is an invitation to explore the unknown regions of your potential alongside other couples and singles who are facing the same dilemma.

7 Day Deep Dive Intimacy Retreat

The ultimate experiential training in building Heart Intelligent relationships, facilitated by Christian Pankhurst and Stephanie Fabela.

This 7-day residential retreat is an extraordinary journey into the art of attracting, creating and growing your Heart Intelligent relationships.  Whether you come to the event alone or with your partner, this experience will offer you a new blueprint for creating a relationship that will bring a lifetime of satisfaction and nourishment.

Heart IQ Pracitioner Training Events

Heart IQ Relationship Coach Training

A 7-Day Relationship Coach Training for those taking the 'Relationship Mastery Professional' Course

This event teaches you how to coach couples with the best Heart IQ™ relationship tools that we have to offer! Participants have the opportunity to synthesize this amazing work with their current coaching skills while also integrating all that they’ve learned in the Relationship Mastery course.

Small Group Dynamics Certification Training

A 7-Day Immersive Heart IQ Practitioner Level 1 experience specializing in Small Group Circle Dynamics & Facilitating the Heart IQ™ Amplified Field.

Explore the world of small group dynamics and enhance your leadership and circling skills. This event is part of the Heart IQ Mastery - Level 1 Course and is the perfect way to learn how to leverage the Heart IQ™ Amplified Field in your coaching, healing, counseling or therapy practice.

Heart IQ Mastery - Level 2

A 7-Day Immersive Level 2 Practitioner Training that will take your group facilitation skills to new levels.

As part of our Heart IQ Mastery - Level 2 Practitioner Training, you will get a chance to sit in the ‘hot seat’ and navigate the challenges of large group dynamics in real time with focused supervision. This event is essential for learning how to see what’s really happening in circle and feeling where to go with the least amount of effort and greatest degree of joy!

Advanced Group Dynamics Certification Training

A four or seven day event for Heart IQ Practitioners who are seeking their Level 3 status and certification in advanced group dynamics.

Students are put into the Hot Seat to facilitate a large circle of up to 35 people under the direct supervision of Christian Pankhurst, founder of Heart IQ. The benefits are hugely supportive for growing the confidence that every practitioner needs to successfully lead large-group events, like multi-day residential retreats.