Small Group Dynamics Certification Training

A 7-Day Immersive Heart IQ Practitioner Level 1 experience specializing in Small Group Circle Dynamics & Facilitating the Heart IQ™ Amplified Field.

Explore the world of small group dynamics and enhance your leadership and circling skills. This event is part of the Heart IQ Mastery - Level 1 Course and is the perfect way to learn how to leverage the Heart IQ™ Amplified Field in your coaching, healing, counseling or therapy practice.

By participating in this training, you will discover:

  • How small group dynamics work with the power of an Amplified Field where each individual can grow faster and further in a group than on their own.
  • How to use The Four Pillars of Clarity to decode the challenges that block you from living the life you want.
  • How these coaching tools work in real time by watching live coaching demonstrations.
  • The clarification you need by engaging in comprehensive Q&A sessions that debrief each demonstration and practice session.
  • The different roles of group and circle dynamics by being a coach as well as a client – and other times, gaining insight as a space-holding witness.
  • A variety of valuable perspectives as you receive compassionate and honest feedback from our well-experienced supervisors.
  • Your strengths and gifts while also learning how improve your coaching skills through the guidelines of our gentle yet thorough assessment process.
  • Shadow Work and how this knowledge can boost your coaching skills and deepen your personal development.

NOTE:  Registration for this event is available only to those participating in or are graduates of Heart IQ Mastery.

Arrange a Call with a member of our team for more information on how to register for this event.