Heart IQ Relationship Coach Training

A 7-Day Relationship Coach Training for those taking the 'Relationship Mastery Professional' Course

This event teaches you how to coach couples with the best Heart IQ™ relationship tools that we have to offer! Participants have the opportunity to synthesize this amazing work with their current coaching skills while also integrating all that they’ve learned in the Relationship Mastery course.

This event is a space for developing your ability to guide others in creating the relationship of their dreams. What could be better than learning how to teach others to take their relationship journey in a more conscious way while also gaining a much deeper understanding of the compassion and generosity that’s needed to grow a deep and lasting love that’s beyond anything you thought possible? If you have a desire to coach couples in discovering more joy in their intimate connection, then you must attend this event!

This event is only for current students or graduates of our Relationship Mastery Professional program.