Heart IQ Mastery - Level 2

A 7-Day Immersive Level 2 Practitioner Training that will take your group facilitation skills to new levels.

As part of our Heart IQ Mastery - Level 2 Practitioner Training, you will get a chance to sit in the ‘hot seat’ and navigate the challenges of large group dynamics in real time with focused supervision. This event is essential for learning how to see what’s really happening in circle and feeling where to go with the least amount of effort and greatest degree of joy!

Hot Seat Participants will learn how to:

  • See, feel and sense the subtleties of Circle.
  • Understand the intricacies of large group dynamics so that the individual can experience Accelerated Awakening in a way that’s only accessible in a Heart IQ™ Amplified Field.
  • Listen and follow the deeper Circle Wisdom of each group you facilitate.
  • Embody the heart intelligence of what’s wanting to move and heal in Circle.
  • Support clients in listening to and following a greater wisdom in themselves when making life choices.
  • Empower the group to engage with one another so that deep insight and clarity can be gained easily and enjoyably.
  • Facilitate the six types of space most frequently encountered in Circle.
  • Learn how to setup, facilitate and integrate the main large-circle processes that will enable you to guide a client through the most common range expansions needed for sustainable transformation.

  • This event is also available to those wanting to participate as a Circle-Only Participant:

    • This opportunity is for any member of the Heart IQ™ Community who wants to gain personal development experience - no coaching background needed. This is the perfect event if you want to experience Circle with x-ray vision, allowing you to understand how the process of circle-work unfolds in real time - without the demands of certification.

    Arrange a Call with a member of our team for more information on how to register for this event.