Heart iQ Mastery - Level 1

Over seven days, you get to experience what it feels like to BE in a Humanity 3.0 Community.

During this time, you will learn the upgraded operating system that I call "Heart IQ" to support you, not only in your own healing but also to develop the communication skills and circling tools to continue your practice when you come home. 

You’ll experience a new definition of ‘normal’, completing parts of your past, awakening to your embodied divinity and expanding your energetic emotional range.

We’ll explore how to deepen your intimacy (with yourself and others), how to build resonant amplified fields (circle work), conflict resolution skills and how to create a strong and safe container for authenticity and depth to flourish.

You’ll also know what it feels like to upgrade your nervous system from individual to collective wiring (without the negative impacts of merging and getting lost in others) where you get to see the power of circle wisdom and the collective intelligence moving through you and the group.

You’ll experience Heart IQ Brotherhood, Sisterhood and mixed community circles, integrating the dance of divine masculine and feminine in small groups and large - as you begin to upgrade your consciousness to what’s possible.

And, simultaneously, you’ll be practicing the art of receiving, where you get to be nourished, nurtured and felt with plenty of time to feel into your deepest purpose - and what’s next for you in your life. 

This event is a call out to those that want to actively take a stand in their life for becoming a Heart Centered Leader. Whether or not you want to officially lead circles etc is not the point here, because everyone could benefit from learning how to follow, open and lead from the Heart.  

This week will offer an incredible taste of what’s possible in your own life, and our hope is that it will be the fire lighter for your destiny and legacy that will kick started upon your return home.

Registration Fee: €1997