7 Day Deep Dive Intimacy Retreat

The ultimate experiential training in building Heart Intelligent relationships, facilitated by Christian Pankhurst and Stephanie Fabela.

This 7-day residential retreat is an extraordinary journey into the art of attracting, creating and growing your Heart Intelligent relationships.  Whether you come to the event alone or with your partner, this experience will offer you a new blueprint for creating a relationship that will bring a lifetime of satisfaction and nourishment.

This experience takes place with up to 30 other participants in Circle. It is comprised of individuals and couples who will be taking space throughout the week as Christian and Stephanie help to renew old bonds, build new bridges, resolve conflicts, and deepen intimacy while activating new ranges of heart-centered connection and sexual expression.

The prerequisite for this event is that you must have attended the Love, Relationships & You event.

To register, click the link below to arrange a call with a member of our team.