About Me

I am an Intuitive Healer and Inspirational Certified Heart IQ Coach and Heart IQ Relationship Coach. I am also the founder of Living Love Fiercely where I support couples and individuals in rediscovering their joy.

In June of 2012 I attended my first Heart Summit in Miami with Christian Pankhurst. It was a life changing pivotal point for me. I had finally found a body of work that matched what felt real for me in my heart, linking together all the modalities of work I had been pursuing for so many years in a brilliant and powerful way.

I completed the first Heart IQ Coaching Program in January of 2013 and have been facilitating circles using the Heart Intelligence Framework since February of 2013. I have completed my Certified Heart IQ Relationship Coach training in the fall of 2015 and have watched couples and individuals deepen their relationships both with themselves and others to a new level of intimacy.

My passion is to move into supporting and guiding couples into greater intimacy and joy in their lives. Being the mother of three, divorced twice and a single parent many of those years, I deeply understand the need for guidance and support of couples in strengthening and healing the deep wounds triggered in relationship.

I studied nursing in University to complete my BSN in 1983. I have also spent 20 years exploring healing modalities to heal my own pain of emotional neglect. Over time I continued to follow my inner guidance to alternative healing as a natural flow in my healing journey. I pursued a variety of bodywork and nutritional therapies through the years which included becoming a Certified Craniosacral Therapist in 2002. I have been practicing Cranial for over 14 years now and use it intuitively in combination with Heart Intelligence Coaching and Energy Healing practices in individual sessions as well. 

I am so blessed and continue to experience the continual unfolding of freedom, power and joy that comes when a connection to love and self is felt and embodied through the powerful framework of Heart IQ. I love watching and supporting women and men coming into their own freedom, power and joy when they discover and open to their own inner strength, beauty and truth.

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Details of monthly Heart Intelligence Events being offered and coaching and healing services provided

What Others Say

The changes since my experience in the circle have been phenomenal...physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I feel so much stronger and confident. I feel inspired, full of Life and Joy, and deep Trust. I feel God dancing in my bloodstream.Your work is divinely inspired. My life is forever changed and profoundly healed by it.

Sylvia Heller

You facilitate a very safe space for me to be willing to be open and vulnerable enough to look at what is hidden deep inside. Working with you has changed my life! With a hand over my heart...Thank you

Lynn Debienne

“It helped me to see my partner in a different light. He was be able to be truthful with me and I could feel it coming from his heart for the first time in our 56 years of being together.” “l felt comfortable and safe to be able to say what was really happening for me throughout our session. I felt heard in a way I hadn’t felt before. I feel so much more comfortable communicating what I need and want in our relationship now.”

Jeanne & Gordon Schnell

Dear Cindy, I am so grateful for your healing presence in my life this year. I’ve experienced many breakthroughs and much growth through our time together. You are a powerful medicine woman and I am continually awed by the transformation and healing you help facilitate.

Jaz Snider

After I come to Cindy's circles the areas of my life (family, little kids, economics and work) are more fulfilling, easier to negotiate and I move freely with the changes that happen every day. I recognize and access more of who I am and what I am feeling for myself and with my family.

Kyla Harriott