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Human Awareness Retreat med Heart Intelligence
26–29 januari               FULLBOKAD
20–23 april
21-24 september
19-22 oktober

Personligt ledarskap 90 dagar med Heart Intelligence
9 januari – 7 april               FULLBOKAD
3 april – 30 juni
4 september – 1 december


I am working full time as a Heart IQ Mastery Facilitator and Coach, together with Anneli Påmark. We manage and run our company Human Awareness where we arrange retreats in Heart Intelligence and also educate business leaders and managers in the "skills of the future", based on Heart Intelligence. Our courses are based on Human Awareness concept and the Heart IQ method, and we've had the privilege of facilitaing more than 600 participants into happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives, which is amazing! We're running multiday events in Sweden and Thailand. Recently we launched a 90 day program, and the course starting in January was full booked up in less than 2 weeks!

We're authors of the best selling book "Vägra följa John" that's now being translated to English, with the working title "Bridging the Gaps – Take the Shortcut to a Life Filled with Health, Success and Happiness". The book contains everything you need to know about stepping into the new paradigm including personal development built upon Heart IQ. The book has received huge amounts of positive feedback and I'm proud to say that "Vägra följa John" has been compared with and recognized as important as the bestselling books by Wayne W. Dyer and Anthony Robbins.

My first contact with Heart IQ was in 2011 and my personal development journey since then has transformed my life totally. Before 2010 I had a long career as an executive manager in various businesses related to product development. But suddenly I realised that my strive for external growth had taken me away from my inner develpment and my sense of "who I am". I took the leap and jumped out of the comfort zone of employment to the nowadays, step by step and continuosly ongoing adventure of following my heart.

Education and qualifications

● Master of Science in Applied Physics, Electronics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering – Linköping University, Sweden 1983–1988
● Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection Level I, II & III Practitioner – Miami, FL, USA, December USA 2010
● The Monroe Institute Certified Outreach Facilitator – Faber, VA, USA, January 2011
● Reference Point Therapy (RPT) Level 1 & 2 Certified Facilitator – London, UK, April 2011
● 3-Day Authentic Speaker Academy Training – Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2014
● 7-Day Retreat "Meet Yourself" (Möt dig själv) – Education in advanced self knowledge at Mullingstorp
● Studies in The Work by Byron Katie.
● Numerous management and leadership trainings for business managers.
● More than 20 years of experience in leadership as a manager and project manager, working experience from eight different management teams, sales and marketing, coaching, communication and change management.

Official Heart IQ training programs    

3 years Heart IQ training and Level 3 status.

● Leadership Mastery Program
● Small Group Leadership
● Large Group Facilitator

Heart IQ experiences

I've facilitated more than 35 courses with + 600 participants.

● Accelerated Awakening Program 2011
● 2-Day Retreat, Practice & Embodyment with Christian – High Wycombe, UK, August 2012
● Heart Summit – Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 2012
● Small Group Coach Training & Certification Event – Dolores, CO, USA, July 2013
● 7-Day Deep Dive Retreat – Dolores, CO, USA, July 2013
● Heart Summit – Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 2013
● Large Group Leadership Certification Event – Amsterdam, Holland, May 2014
● 3.5-Day Retreat – Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2014

My Website

Personal development and leadership development based on the Heart IQ method.

What Others Say

With Heart IQ I have strongly developed my ability to dare to communicate with both the heart and brain in combination. The Heart IQ group has been a unique and safe space to practice, and thereafter apply this practice outside, in real life. I feel more true to myself and to others after having got to try this technique. I'm also feeling better since I through Heart IQ has learnt that it is ok to express myself from the heart, but in a respectful way. Imagine if more people are given the opportunity to try Heart IQ – it would certainly have a positive impact on the humanity.

Bosse, 57, civil servant

As a therapist and spiritual searcher for many years, I have already a deep, wide and very good base of knowledge to support me. I have tested most things in the personal development area and have over the years become quite picky in terms of trying new things. However, when I got the offer to participate in a Heart IQ group I felt intuitively that it would be a means of growth for me. The structure and the exercises are loving, fun, simple, elegant, interesting, and very effective to open up – to become more of your authentic and pure self. Which I feel I have become. The talented and very loving leaders, Anneli and Carl, have strongly contributed with their knowledge and experience, and I can full heartily recommend both them and this 'method'.

Claes, 45, medium, and healing therapist

To have experienced the energy in Anneli's and Carl's Heart IQ circles have been amazing. Although I have a lot of experience in personal development, I opened up to many new insights and feelings. Parts that I thought did not even existed within me came to the surface and has given me the opportunity to live a more aware and present life. My self-esteem has risen and I feel that life gives me incredible opportunities.

Jeanette, 49, teacher

I recommend Heart IQ because it is a wonderful, fun and playful way in which we learn to appreciate ourselves for who we are. The Heart IQ meetings have given me new fantastic friends, I've come closer to myself, I've enhanced my ability to respond instead of react, increased my ability to listen both to others and inwards to myself, and Heart IQ has given me higher self esteem and I feel more appreciated for who I am, and for that this group has really been a great source. This is a safe way to explore your mind and emotions, under professional guidance and with the support of exercises that allow us to see that we ourselves are responsible for how we feel and what we do. I recommend Heart IQ with and Anneli and Carl – the combination of well prepared group meetings, their commitment and ability to make everyone feel secure and loved in the group, and because they contribute to such a strong growth of the participants.

Mariette, 46, controller

It has been a great privilege for me to be part of the Heart IQ meetings. Those events have given me a lovely energy. The first time my emotions were a mixture of delight and terror, but wow, when I walked away I felt much lighter and wonderfully happy. I would like to continue and I hope there will be more opportunities!

Christer, 55, personnel consultant