Heart IQ For You

This blog offers free training videos to support your Heart IQ™ Awakening process. Each video is covers a unique aspect of the work which you can normally watch in under 10 minutes.

In this video, taken from the start of my last Accelerated Awakening Retreat in August, I share how to discover your deepest purpose by leveraging the power of the Amplified Field.
Last week I shared with you the single cause for nearly all emotional pain, suffering and disease - including addictions, depression, stress and chronic fatigue.

It might surprise you, but the single cause is a closed Heart.

What if I told you that behind every emotional, energetic and spiritual challenge such as:

Have you ever experienced wanting to express yourself but then what comes out is not the real you? Or perhaps you felt close to someone and longed to let their love in more, but you blocked it?

Here's a wonderful demo of 'Second Layer Witnessing' in action!

It shows my client feeling overwhelmed when she shares her experience of tracking.

Then, when I asked her to track the judgement of her tracking, she immediately comes alive! So simple, yet not always easy.

When you are learning to track, the biggest eureka moment comes when you discover the secret of what I call 'Second Layer Witnessing'.

Once you 'get' this piece, it will accelerate your awakening and give you easier access to your joy and authentic, relaxed essence.

Most people confuse tracking with witnessing.

Witnessing is about looking at yourself at a distance, watching what is going on as an observer.

That's an important aspect of tracking but it's not the full picture.

Many people believe that joy is a feeling that happens under certain circumstances, for example when something good is happening or you feel you are in a good place.

There is a way to feel instant, sustainable joy, no matter what is happening in your life.

You, in this very moment of now, can tap into a state of deep relaxed bliss and feel alive, clear and connected.

We need to be able to balance the horizontal and vertical forces in our lives. 

Your vertical connection is that part of you that's connected to source, divinity -perhaps you call that God, angels, guides, ancestors, etc.

Opening, listening, following, and communicating from your heart. These are the four primary skills within the Heart IQ™ framework. 

So what is Heart IQ™? Here's my definition that I came up with this morning.

"The art of feeling more joy through the process of accepting who you are, as you are, without making yourself wrong."

Can you be too open? No, but you can be open in the wrong circumstances and situations.

In this video, I take a participant through the process of opening safely within the amplified field so he can be fully received in his vulnerability.

This is one of my favorite demonstrations of how tracking can open the heart and connect us to profound amounts of joy.

Watch as my client struggles to track and the absolute joy that emerges when he gets it and can suddenly access his embodied awareness.