Our Non-Profit Foundation Is Coming!

Our Non-Profit Foundation Is Coming!

One of the big milestones for this year was to set up our non-profit Foundation to support our philanthropic goals.

After countless meetings with lawyers and some wonderful donations from the community, we are finally ready to set up our first non-profit: The Heart IQ Foundation!

The Heart IQ Foundation is a vehicle to meet our non-profit outreach goals. Its mission is to support individuals who are struggling financially through a scholarship fund to particpate in Heart IQ events and courses.

Future funding efforts will focus on bringing Heart IQ to communities that would never, under normal circumstances, be able to learn and engage in the Heart IQ™ vision and mission such as trauma centres, prisons and shelters.

We also envision bringing Heart IQ into developing and 3rd world countries where Heart IQ can make the biggest impact.

Stay tuned for updates about this great project at the beginning of 2016.