Heart IQ For Couples

This blog is dedicated to helping you transform your relationships. Each week, we post some top question and answers speaking to the top relationship and intimacy questions posted by members of the Insights 2 Intimacy Membership Program.

In today's spiritually saturated world, it's difficult to sometimes discern when someone is living true to their heart, or hiding underneath new age wisdom that can justify away their pain.

Here's today's excerpt from my new book, Insights To Intimacy, about the powerful communication practice of 'Relationship Tracking'.

Healthy boundaries are vital for happiness and a successful relationship.

Boundaries are developed through an awareness of when someone or something violates your integrity or sense of self.

As we get closer to my Birthday book launch on July 29th, I thought I would share a few excerpts, so that you begin to understand what it's all about.

What if there's nothing wrong with you?

What if you're not damaged or broken?

What if what you call 'normal' is the absolute opposite of what 'normal' should be?

Sexual Magnetism Requires Surrender

The Juicy Dance of Sexual Magnetism 

The following seven insights are vital for a successful Heart IQ Relationship. Each of them is essential on its own; however, the true power of this framework is realized only when each insight is integrated into a cohesive practice.

The Three Keys to Relationship Bliss are...

1) Can  you be fully YOU in the presence of another?

2) Can you share your truth from the Heart in a way that really lands?

Responsiveness is THE biggest ingredient to sexual magnetism, attraction and creating incredible intimacy between you and your partner. But what actually is responsiveness? Watch this video to find out.

In this video, Christian speaks about the myths surrounding negative emotions and how you can find joy even in places that might have previously felt bad. An emotion is never negative if fully allowed to move and be felt.

Most people think that joy is an emotion, something that you reach or feel when you move away from pain. In this video, Christian expands your definition of joy to something much much bigger.

It is a fact that our partner will trigger us, in both large and small ways.

A romantic relationship is an energetic container that holds and directs the emotional energy of the intimate connection, like how an electrical circuit conducts the electrical energy current between the junction box and light switch.  

Last week I posted a short video on my blog asking the question: 

It's not your wounds themselves, but your relationship to your wounds that determines the quality of your romantic partnership. You don’t need to know what happened in your past or who did what to you.