About Me


First I would like to welcome you: wherever you are in your life and wherever you are with yourself.

What I love to give is Essence Transmissions.

To know about those specific and beautiful Transmissions, I invite you to take a look at my website:



Something about me:


My personal path is a path of letting go of many concepts, ideas and  finally finding myself, being me. I experience freedom within myself.

A lot of transformation happened since more then 20 years. It was my surrender over and over again, what made those transformations.

Now I can say: I am happy. Happy in simply being me. Nothing else is needed.

Self love is a great teacher, what sets free. It sets free the expectations to others ... and supports the wholeness I am and the wholeness you are.

I live in France, speak English, Dutch and French. Sessions are via Skype or Phone.

If this or my website resonates with you, feel free to contact me. You are welcome.