About Me

Since my birth I have had difficulties to cope with "normal" life. My passion and aliveness never quite fitted into the narrow range I was allowed to live when I grew up. Although I did a good job in adjusting myself to the expectations of others, fortunately inside I never gave up on my own truth – though I was close to do so a few times in my life.

Over the years I have had several teachers who helped me grow into a fuller version of me. The journey is still going on.

My first personal development teachers were the students I have been teaching at grammar school. They demanded full presence and challenged me to be honest and authentic. That opened my heart and in response they opened theirs. And so I grew into a fuller expression of myself – in the presence of young people.

It took me a while to grow into a comparable level of freedom when interacting with adults. My education as a therapist (psychosynthesis) was a cornerstone. It was experience based and mostly done in circle. I felt quite at home there, in a way I never had before.

In the following period I entered a surprisingly fulfilling relationship and at the same time I was confronted with extreme professional challenges. That forced and allowed me to drop even deeper. It was in this time of crisis that I joined one of Christian's retreats.

When Christian started his academy I knew what I wanted: to coach and facilitate groups. I feel it is community that needs healing most: if we learn to connect with each other with all of what we are, if we are willing to be present with each other no matter what emotions we are experiencing, be it fear, anger, despair or bliss, we create circumstances in which we can easily, quickly and joyfully heal as individuals, too.

I offer in different European countries, in Dutch, English or German:

  • Workshops (one-day or weekend; also on invitation)

                 - Circle of truth, Circle of joy ( with my beloved husband Thomas de Neve)

                 - Special themes e.g. intimate relationships, boundaries (with Thomas)

                 - Special target groups e.g. young people, teachers and school teams

  • Coaching for groups that want to become self facilitating (live and online)
  • Coaching for couples (mostly with Thomas)
  • Individual and small group coaching (live and online)
  • Introduction courses Heart Intelligence



My Website

The website has a Dutch, German and English version. It provides info and blogposts about the beauty of this work, as well as a calendar of all activities my husband Thomas and I run in different European countries.

What Others Say

Alet is very strong, grounded and present during coaching. I have met many therapists over the years who simply could not 'hold' my energy and support the process of change and Alet could. She can navigate the session so that the client flows effortlessly towards the intended results.


In Thomas' and Alet's circles emotional safety is priority. Their softness, elegance, and precision make every circle meeting a special experience: there is space for everything. For me a place to go again and again.


Alet sees my greatness and holds that certainty, that clarity in front of me when I don't see it for myself.


What speaks most to my heart in Alet's facilitation is that she dares to be vulnerable herself. For the participants, this brings about more openness and a willingness to look deeper into themselves.