This young man, Christian Pankhurst, knows how to articulate this work as well as, if not better than I can. He is a profound source of depth and understanding.

For years I spent my days feeling numb. After practicing Heart IQ™ my heart has opened and I’ve never felt more alive!

I thought my relationship was over and so, as a last attempt at saving it, my partner and I attending a Heart IQ™ Relationship event. When we got home, we ripped up the divorce papers and committed to the practices we were shown. One year later and things have never been better! Our kids are so much happier too!

I have finally found my people! I always knew in my heart that a community like this was possible. I’ve never felt so loved, accepted and supported in my life. The Heart IQ™ Community is the family I’ve always wanted to have and I’m so grateful to have finally found home.

As a rational thinking guy, I was a little cynical at first. Within hours of being in my first retreat, I knew I was experiencing the ‘real deal’. Words simply can’t do it justice. It’s been six months since the event, and I feel more confident and self-assured. My relationship with Annie has got better too and I feel closer to my kids. We now all practice Heart IQ™ around the dinner table together!

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Insights to Intimacy LIVE

A 5-Day Experiential Event that brings the clarity and power of Heart Intelligence into your Intimate Relationships.

Most relationships begin with a lot of potential, but the real challenge is how do you continue to deepen your connection with one another amidst the tests of daily life? This 5-day Intimacy Training is an invitation to explore the unknown regions of your potential alongside other couples and singles who are facing the same dilemma.


Insights to Intimacy LIVE

Lakewood, Colorado, United States


Insights to Intimacy LIVE

Hemrik, Friesland, Netherlands

Mar 2017

Insights to Intimacy LIVE

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Recommended Practitioners and Their Events
Heart IQ Featured Practitioner

Angelica Beran

Certified Practitioner - Level 1
Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, Sverige
(Text in english futher down) Hej!
Heart IQ Featured Practitioner

Atar Reekk

Certified Practitioner - Level 1
Hi, First I would like to welcome you: wherever you are in your life and wherever you are with yourself. What I love to give is Essence Transmissions.
Heart IQ Blogs

Last week I shared with you the single cause for nearly all emotional pain, suffering and disease - including addictions, depression, stress and chronic fatigue.

It might surprise you, but the single cause is a closed Heart.

What if there's nothing wrong with you?

What if you're not damaged or broken?

What if what you call 'normal' is the absolute opposite of what 'normal' should be?

Everything that matters in life hinges on your capacity to connect with other human beings, and to get who you are across to somebody else in a way that lands. 

I woke up today inspired to film a video for you about my Grandfather.
He turned 93 today and as it's also Thanksgiving for those who live in the USA, what better time to send him some love and appreciation.